Understanding Place Data

A series of online training videos, delivered by our Partners, Springboard, and designed for those seeking to better understand place data as part of their role involved in high street transformation.

Session one - basics of understanding place data

This episode guides viewers through some of the basics of place data, how to interpret it and where to find it. The episode starts by introducing Springboard, the High Streets Task Force Partner and expert in place data, and works through elements of understanding the calendar year in order to compare data such as footfall and sales effectively. There is then a broader discussion about COVID-19 and data to support place recovery strategies.

In this online session you will learn:

  • How to interpret the calendar and use it compare data across different timescales
  • How to evaluate the context of place data
  • Differentiate the value and use of short-term and long-term trends
  • The trends emerging for high streets brought about by COVID-19


Watch the webinar below

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Session two - impacts of COVID-19 and changes to the Christmas period

This second session of the Understanding Place Data webinar series builds on learning from session one, looking in more detail at footfall trends and spending over the past months and the likely impact to high streets over the vital Christmas trading period. With national restrictions under review to account for the changing nature of virus transmission around the country, this webinar touches on key principles of how to examine and analyse these impacts to trading. 

In this online session you will learn:

  • 2020 as a '53-week year' and the implications for reporting
  • An overview of national picture in terms of footfall and spend
  • The impact of tiered restrictions in England
  • The impact to the Christmas period