Understanding Place Sentiment

A series of regular webinars to help you better understand data on people's feelings about places and how to evaluate your own high street using sentiment analysis.

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"Sentiment analysis", namely the measurement of context in aggregated social media posts, can provide insight into how citizens and organisations feel about a place and what this might mean for their intentions and activity on the high street.

The advent of social media has provided the opportunity to analyse what people say about places by measuring the positive or negative tone of language in the content they post. Understanding Place Sentiment is a live webinar which will enable place stakeholders to evaluate their High Streets using sentiment analysis, as well as providing them with an understanding of how sentiment impacts on other place performance indicators, such as footfall.

Upcoming webinars

The 'Understanding Place Sentiment' webinar is run regularly by Maybe*, Partners of the High Streets Task Force and experts in AI and sentiment analysis.

2021 dates are listed below - you can join live and catch up on previous webinars on this page. The Task Force provides these webinars as part of its online and digital support for place leaders and others involved in managing high streets.


Recordings of the webinars are made available to view on demand, below: