COVID-19 Recovery

To help high streets through the COVID-19 crisis, the Institute of Place Management, lead Partners of the High Streets Task Force, has developed a COVID-19 Recovery Framework. Download the Framework and find out more about how it can support your high street.


This article has been created by independent experts on behalf of the High Street Task Force. It is not intended as Government guidance and we have not sought approval for it to be so.



It is not clear what towns and cities will look like after the end of the COVID-19 outbreak, or even how the country will come out of lockdown. Many town centres and high streets may not manage to recover from the effects of the crisis, unless they start acting immediately to develop the necessary capacity for recovery and then longer-term transformation.

COVID-19 Recovery Framework

In order to assist place leaders who are responsible with the gargantuan task of supporting their cities and towns through this pandemic, the Task Force has adopted a 4-stage COVID-19 Recovery Framework as illustrated below.

The Framework sets out a series of systematic preparedness, response and recovery measures, across four stages: Crisis, Pre-Recovery, Recovery, and Transformation. Drawing on health emergency and disaster management, is an important approach for place leaders to adopt.

The COVID-19 Recovery Framework

Using the Recovery Framework:

The COVID-19 Recovery Framework is provided with a guidance document and can be downloaded to adapt and populate with your own local plans towards recovery.

You can use this document to decide what activities are relevant to your high street, identifying who is responsible for the activity and how it is being done - so you have a more comprehensive plan to share.

Get started with the links below - for the Framework in a powerpoint format, and the guidance document in a PDF.

Download the Recovery Framework: [powerpoint] [PdF]

Download the accompanying guide: How to use the Recovery Framework