FAQs [old]

Find answers to frequently asked questions about the High Streets Task Force, the support that it offers and issues surrounding high streets.

The questions below are a selection that we have seen repeated via email, social media and during our webinar series. We will be updating these as we continue our engagement with high streets and those working with them. We have tried to link the answers to examples or to resources and support available on our website. Click on the question to see the response.

The Task Force is now seeking case studies from local place leaders and these will be added to the question responses where they provide useful insight.


  1. How do we start to make change happen in our town centre?
  2. We are a small town, is your information relevant for us?

  3. Should Town Councils be involved in town centre initiatives?

  4. How do we initiate a forum representing businesses and stakeholders?

  5. How do you measure progress in town centre change?

  6. How do I know what Task Force support I can access?

  7. How do I make the best use of the HSTF resource library?

  8. We have existing neighbourhood plans and partnerships. Are they still relevant after COVID?

  9. Is pedestrian priority/pedestrianisation a good thing?

  10. How would you define place leadership?