Best practice in place making - four case studies

High Streets Task Force Experts and landscape designers introduce four examples of place making from around the UK. The case studies all include public realm transformation and are successful in reimagining the relationship of the spaces with their local communities.

Lisburn square, Northern Ireland

Andrew Haley, High Streets Task Force Expert, discusses his work in Lisburn, Northern Ireland, to transform its central square. While there were various public realm improvements, the place is really brought to life by the events programme and contributions of local groups.

Byres Road area, Glasgow

Laura Scott-Simmons, High Streets Task Force Expert, talks about the transformation of a small space in the Byres Road area of Glasgow, and how it became a community and events hub, rather than a back alley car park.

The Low Line, London

Glen MacFarlane, High Streets Task Force Expert, talks about the Low Line which connects Bankside, London Bridge and Bermondsey, creating a new walking destination and pockets of green space.

Kings Road, Manchester

Tim Johns, High Streets Task Force Expert, discusses how King Street, a central destination for shoppers in Manchester, is transformed into a multifunctional, family-oriented place with the addition of street furniture and activities.