Episode 4 - Wonderful Welwyn Garden City

How can place branding support towns recovering from the impact of COVID-19 on high streets? This case study from Welwyn Garden City shows how a sense of place and heritage has been used to reassure and inspire confidence among residents.

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In episode four of the High Streets Task Force podcast we welcome Mariana Bitonte, Manager of the Wonderful Welwyn Garden City Business Improvement District.

As a town designed for health and the second garden city established in England in 1920, Welwyn Garden City has an interesting heritage which its place leaders have drawn on to inspire the COVID-19 recovery effort.

This episode links specifically to the activities of 'reassurance', 'telling the story' and 'coordination and communication' in the COVID-19 Recovery Framework.

The artwork and video mentioned in the podcast can be found below.


The welcome back artwork used by Welwyn Garden City