Newquay looks to the future with new Town Team supported by Task Force resources

Published 4 October 2021
Last updated 4 October 2021

Drawing on support from expert online guidance and resources published by the High Streets Task Force, the newly formed Newquay Town Team is now working to deliver a development framework that will help further collaboration and investment in the town.

(Image: Newquay resident and Town Team representative, Jennifer Dixon, spoke to the Task Force about plans in the town)


Local leaders in the Cornish coastal town of Newquay have met to boost its plans for future development, supported by the government’s High Streets Task Force and its approaches to town centre transformation.

During 2020, stakeholders in Newquay collaborated to form the Newquay Town Team, which aims to build on the strengths of the town, including its natural assets and strong post-lockdown footfall, to deliver benefits for the local community.

Support from Task Force online resources

Drawing on support from expert online guidance and resources published by the High Streets Task Force, the Town Team is now working to deliver a development framework that will help further collaboration and investment in the town. The Newquay Team accessed support including webinars, a footfall dashboard, and the Task Force Resource Library, which are part of the online support available for free to all high streets and place leaders around the country.

The Town Team met on 7th September 2021 at the Royal British Legion, with senior leaders from the town and county council, businesses and community groups also being joined by representatives of the Task Force. Following a guided tour of Newquay, the group reviewed their approach and how it had been supported by the Task Force’s Transformation Routemap and 4Rs Regeneration Framework.

Plans for a new development framework

Task Force representatives Dr. Steve Millington and Joe Barratt learned about plans for Newquay, including a new development framework to ensure projects meet local needs, and discussed the need to build on the recent surge in summer visitors and make Newquay more resilient throughout the year.

The work in Newquay is one of the first examples of places utilising the Task Force’s online support to help deliver new governance structures and funding opportunities, and the Task Force captured video footage on the day to support training of their Experts, who work with towns across England.

Building on a compelling destination for visitors

Speaking about the visit and the Task Force’s findings, Dr. Steve Millington said:

“Both Joe and I were impressed with how the Town Team in Newquay have gathered momentum during a really difficult period with COVID-19 and established a new group, with representation from across the community, to take Newquay’s plans forward.”

“It’s encouraging to see Newquay is an attractive and compelling destination for visitors and its footfall levels are outperforming nearby towns and many UK holiday destinations. There’s a strong array of independent businesses and recent commercial investment.”

Commenting on Newquay’s future, Joe Barratt said:

“We discussed some of the key challenges, including housing, staffing, and the accessibility of Newquay as a destination, within Cornwall and nationally. The Town Team have used Task Force research and tools to prioritise what is a complex set of opportunities and we look forward to seeing the new development framework that will help to do that.”

“We witnessed first hand the passion and commitment that the local community has for Newquay and that is a key strength for the future.”

Newquay's natural assets have drawn high footfall levels throughout 2021

Prioritising Newquay's needs

Newquay resident Jennifer Dixon representing the Town Team commented :

“It was valuable to see Newquay through the eyes of experts who look at towns across the UK  ‘day in, day out’, and most encouraging that they recognise the existing strengths and future potential. With their support we will be able to tackle current challenges with confidence and deliver some significant improvements to benefit the whole community."

"The HSTF online resources helped us to take the first steps in identifying and prioritising Newquay’s needs, and to communicate them to others. We feel very fortunate to have been able to develop our thinking during the visit and look forward to building on the recommendations of the HSTF team."

The Task Force will stay connected with the Town Team’s work in the coming months and will be featuring its efforts in a new video resource to support other locations seeking to transform their high streets.