Expert Advice

The Task Force has identified key areas of expertise where additional capacity is needed to tackle challenges and unlock the potential of high streets. This expertise will be drawn from its alliance of place making organisations and prescribed to towns and cities to provide free support where need is identified by Task Force analysis and diagnostic place visits.

At present, high streets related expertise is often associated with a particular profession. In contrast, the Task Force has developed a register of High Streets Task Force Experts with a range of specialisms from across the following organisations: Institute of Place Management; Landscape Institute; Royal Town Planning Institute; Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors; Design Council.

Task Force Experts are respected professionals (at Member or Fellow level of their respective professional body) that have demonstrated significant experience working on  high street/town/city centre issues.

How will Experts work with high streets?

High Streets Task Force Experts will – working in multidisciplinary teams in complex cases - advise on planning, urban design, placemaking, landscape architecture, resilience, transport, valuation, asset management, investment, governance, data and analytics, place management and leadership.

Technical and professional experts may be provided by the Task Force to local authorities to help solve complex, interdisciplinary problems. Experts will not replace services that are available in the market; their role is to bring capacity and expertise to entrenched problems that the local authority has, so far, been unable to solve.

Tailored expertise and support will be available to boost organisations’ capacity and ability to transform high streets. This includes:

  • Place reports, including action plans, tactical guidance and local collaboration opportunities;

  • Diagnostic visits to understand high streets and determine the expertise required to overcome obstacles and unlock potential;

  • A mentoring programme to boost place leadership skills and enable people to learn from place experts;

  • Workshops to develop a shared high street vision with the local authority and stakeholders across a community.

How do I get expert advice?

Resources and information

The High Streets Task Force collates and publishes resources for place leaders and high streets via its resources repository and other pages on this site, for example on COVID-19 recovery. Many of these resources are written by Task Force Experts and are designed to support place leaders, particularly during the response to COVID-19 and its impact on high streets.

You can register to receive a weekly email update from the Task Force, containing the latest and most relevant information for those managing and supporting high streets.

Expert advice

The Task Force has already started working with local authorities during its pilot period. You can read more about this expert advice and how we have worked with local authorities on our news page.

Following the launch of the Task Force, this work will continue with local authorities that have submitted an expression of interest to the Future High Streets Fund. The Task Force will use desk-based research, place visits when restrictions allow, and consultation with stakeholders to diagnose any major barriers to high street transformation.

Register for more opportunities

Following it's launch in mid-2020, the Task Force will add more expertise and opportunities to receive advice for local authorities and place leaders. To keep up-to-date, please register to receive updates from the Task Force.