Training and Learning

Whilst expert advice, from ‘outside’ the high street/town/city centre, is needed to solve some complex and technical problems; the local knowledge, enthusiasm, vision and capacity needed to take action and make change happen comes from ‘inside’.

The vision and capacity for change is generated from local leaders, businesses, people and organisations that care about their location. That’s why sustainable place making skills need to be developed across a range of local stakeholders.

The High Streets Task Force will offer a range of online training and learning opportunities to anyone that is passionate about their place. We also have more specialised programmes, available by invitation only, to ensure some place making skills and capacity are developed in the places that need them most.

Specialised training programmes will be available to a wide variety of place leaders following the Task Force launch in June 2020. The learning will also be accessible in different formats, including face-to-face, in situ, seminars and online. This includes:

  • Online learning on how to regenerate your high street;

  • Specialist webinars on placemaking;

  • A recognised place leadership training programme;

  • Training sessions for place analysts;

  • A ‘Vitality & Viability’ training programme for entire high streets/town centres.