E-Learn - 25 priorities for vital and viable high streets

Based on extensive research, this interactive e-learning from the High Streets Task Force introduces the 25 priorities for high street vitality (i.e. reasons for people to visit) and viability (i.e. attractive to both visitors and investors in the longer term).

Date added 5 June 2020
Last updated 9 June 2020

NB - Please download the pdf file and launch outside of a web browser to enable interactive elements.

This learning course on improving the Vitality and Viability of your high street will cover a brief history of how UK high streets have changed. The session will also look at what factors affect the vitality and viability of your centre, exploring how much control you have over each factor and how to priotise your focus as you look to transform your high street.

This E-Learning slide deck will help you:

  • Develop an awareness of what influences your high street
  • Understand what you can control in your high street
  • Learn the basic tools to prioritise intervention for both short term gain as well as long term objectives.