How can places plan to come out of lockdown? Podcast with Prof. Cathy Parker

Prof Cathy Parker, Research Lead of the High Streets Task Force, asks how towns and cities can plan now to encourage people back to high streets, when it is safe to do so. With social distancing in place and habits changing, Cathy provides practical examples of how and why centres should coordinate their approach and communications, drawing on recent international case studies.

Date added 17 August 2021
Last updated 17 August 2021

Cathy Parker, Co-Chair of the Institute of Place Management and Research Lead for the High Streets Task Force, reflects on the challenges of a return to high streets, whenever that might be.

With the impact of continued social distancing, changing habits and opinions, Cathy looks at how places could respond and draw people back into long-shuttered town and city centres. From international examples of releasing 'lockdown' to practical steps for local recovery plans and communication, this short podcast reflects on measures that place leaders can consider planning now.

Her discussion includes:

  • Returning to high streets - what are the issues for businesses?

  • Communication - how can places let people know what's happening, and why they should come back?

  • Benchmarking - which nations are opening places again, and what can we learn?

  • How can places and their stakeholders coordinate their activity?

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