Visitor Satisfaction - 237 'Vital and Viable' Factors

As part of our series on vital and viable high streets, the High Streets Task Force is presenting 'evidence on a page' summaries of over 200 factors that influence the success of high streets. Here we address visitor satisfaction; a mental process based on the experience one has of visiting a high street.

Date added 14 April 2021
Last updated 14 April 2021

There are a number of factors that influence customer satisfaction that is within possibilities of control including security, access, car parking, prices, discounts and sales, versatility and diversity, new shops and offers and opening hours (Léo and Philippe, 2002). The way a place is marketed can manage consumer expectations of what a place has to offer and thus impact on their satisfaction based on whether those expectations are met. Similarly to tourism destinations, by creating a sense of familiarity through good visitor satisfaction, consumers are also likely to become loyal customers which increases a high street and/or centre’s competitive advantage (Mazanec et al., 2007; ┼Żabkar, et al., 2010).

Visitor satisfaction is one of 237 factors that have been identified as influencing the vitality and viability of the high street.

For more information and further reading, download the pdf 'evidence on a page'. The page contains information about this factors place within the 237 factors identified and: whether it is a component factor of one of 25 'vital and viable' priorities; how the factor scores in terms of influence, place management control, and priority.

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