Better planning, better transport, better places

This resource is an advice document for planning professionals, developers, or local councils to guide them in their efforts to create more sustainable transport systems in towns and cities. It focuses on improving transport planning from feasible visions to stakeholder engagement.

Date added 19 July 2021
Last updated 20 July 2021

This resource argues that for years, local authorities have been directing resources to encourage a more sustainable and active transport system, but that they have often failed to overcome existing barriers, such as: inappropriate visions, lack of collaboration between planning and transport bodies, or poor community engagement.

This advice document, therefore, provides input on how to craft a local plan that includes feasible objectives and strategies in relation to sustainable transport, that fosters better collaboration between stakeholders, and that promotes the voices of communities.

The aim of this resource is to guide places in achieving economic, environmental, and social sustainability through the improvement of transport systems, which can have implications for creating more accessible, walkable, and sustainable high streets and town centres.