Voice, Opportunity, Power: Youth Engagement Toolkit

The Voice, Opportunity, Power youth engagement toolkit, from Grosvenor, TCPA, ZCD Architects, and Sport England, provides practical advice about how to engage young people in decisions about the future of their neighbourhoods. It presents five potential engagement sessions that can be used with young people, including information about aims, activities, and timings, which are: 'Your lived experience'; 'Show us your neighbourhood'; 'Tell us what you want'; 'Tell us how we're doing'; and 'You said, we did'.

Date added 25 November 2020
Last updated 25 November 2020

"Voice, Opportunity, Power" is a free youth engagement toolkit that has been developed to give practical guidance on how to involve young people (11-18) in the way that places get built and managed. It includes a framework for running five 2-hour sessions with young people that is intended to fit within a typical RIBA design programme, which breaks down as follows:

Session 1: Your lived experience 

Session 2: Show us your neighbourhood 

Session 3: Tell us what you want 

Session 4: Tell us how we’re doing 

Session 5: You said, we did.

These sessions provide an opportunity for young people to be involved in the early stages of the design process, giving them a chance to have a meaningful influence on new developments. It aims to give young people a central role in decision making, in which their needs and demands are met through participatory, inclusive interactions.  

The toolkit was launched by Grosvenor Britain & Ireland, the TCPA, Sport England and ZCD Architects following a survey of young adults in the UK which found that 89% have never been asked their opinion about the future of their neighbourhood and only 8% have taken part in a public consultation on plans for their area, despite 82% wanting to be involved.

To read more about the research underpinning the toolkit, please see this related High Streets Task Force resource.

And please see here for the press release launching the toolkit and research project results.