Principles of Town Planning in relation to High Streets and Town Centres (RTPI)

Author RTPI

High Streets Task Force partners, RTPI, provide an introductory video on town planning and its relation to high streets. Presented by Task Force Expert, Stefano Smith.

Date added 4 January 2022
Last updated 5 January 2022

In this video, Task Force Expert and RTPI Member, Stefano Smith, looks at principles of town planning.

The 35 minute introductory video addresses the following aims and can help anyone who is required to understand planning as part of their role, either as a place leader, manager or stakeholder.

1. To enable learners to understand basic concepts within the specialist field of Town Planning.

2. To have a stronger appreciation of the main challenges to the high street from the Town Planning specialist field of practice perspective.

3. To access examples of good practice and further reading, which will help learners to formulate solutions to specific local problems in relation to high street change and revitalisation, linking where appropriate to relevant Task Force data sets, tools, best practice guides, diagnostics and repository information.


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