Everyday Participation Toolkit

This resource has been designed by New Citizenship Project in 2018. It is designed for co-operatives or organisations who rely on membership engagement and satisfaction - these could be customers, knowledge partners, citizens, the public, etc. It will, however, apply to any organisation or place wishing to inspire further collaboration and partnership working. Everyday participation goes beyond economic participation (e.g. consuming products) or governance participation (e.g. voting for representatives), to include involvement in the overall design and development processes (e.g. through contributing knowledge and ideas).

Date added 21 August 2020
Last updated 21 August 2020

This toolkit offers seven steps to everyday participation and provides a case study example for each of these. These seven steps are:

1. Tell stories

Giving people the opportunity to share their knowledge and experiences.

2. Gather data

Asking people to collect data with you, and using this in decision-making.

3. Share connections

Providing a network so that people can talk to each other about your organization or project.

4. Contribute ideas

Asking people to provide ideas about how to improve or solve a problem.

5. Give time

Getting people involved in developing tasks that are meaningful to them.

6. Learn skills

Offering training and learning opportunities.

7. Crowdfund innovation

Inviting people to fund projects and ideas before they exist so that they have ownership over them.

These steps are useful to improve participation with people within an organization (i.e. within a local council) but also with people outside it (i.e. the public, businesses, local organizations, volunteering groups, etc.). The toolkit can, therefore, help to enhance collaboration and partnership working on the high street and in town centres.