Eleven Principles for Creating Great Community Places

This resource discusses how effective public spaces can be designed. It presents 11 key principles for creating great community places. It can be useful for place leaders who are working on the transformation of squares, parks, and streets in their town centres or high streets.

Date added 15 September 2021
Last updated 15 September 2021

Effective public spaces are those that can fulfil the needs of its users. As such, this resource from the Project for Public Spaces provides 11 key aspects to consider when tasked with the responsibility of transforming public spaces and creating great community spaces. These aspects include: involving the public; creating a place that is beautiful as well as functional; engaging partners in the process; collecting data and observations about how the place is being used; having a clear vision for the place; starting with short-term and cost-effective improvements that can have an immediate impact; triangulating elements so that they work together in bringing people together; and focusing on maintenance and providing constant improvements.