Leadership Skills Diagnostic (MindTools)

This simple, 18 question diagnostic from MindTools highlights some of the core leadership skills which you may need when working as a place leader, or as part of a group of leaders.

Date added 20 September 2021
Last updated 21 September 2021

In the 2018 High Street Report, John Timpson, stated that "inspirational local leaders, working in collaboration with all sections of their community have put a buzz back into their town centre”. This inspirational 'place leadership' was identified by the Institute of Place Management as the 2nd most important of 25 priorities for vital and viable high streets. It is vital because of the ability to bring together different networks and stakeholders within a town, district, or city, and realise a collective goal - often, place transformation.

A key question is how do leaders emerge and learn their skills? There is not one way to lead, however there are common skills and behaviours amongst successful place leaders. Our Case Study section illustrates this fact, including examples such as the transformation of Withington, Greater Manchester, driven by its community group, and of Mole Valley District Council setting out a Masterplan to transform Leatherhead after wide consultation.

Leadership diagnostic

This simple, 18 question diagnostic from MindTools includes elements such as emotional intelligence, vision, collaboration and confidence and is a useful check to understand which areas you may consider developing through training. However, leadership skills can come from a broad group of place leaders and it's important to recognise that very few people have all of the competencies and experience referenced here.