How do I engage with footfall in my town centre and how can I increase it?

Author HSTF

Practical Evidence Gaps are current issues affecting high streets and town centres that would benefit from more knowledge and examples. These gaps have been identified by conducting content analysis in two large sources of data: 1) the online network set up by Association of Town and City Management (ATCM) (on Basecamp), involving town and city management practitioners across the UK; and 2) the Expressions of Interest (EOI) submitted by local authorities to the Future High Streets Fund. Ten Practical Evidence Gaps have been identified. All of them have been framed as ‘how to’ questions, with the aim of helping local authorities and place managers in the transformation of their high streets and town centres.

Date added 25 November 2021
Last updated 25 November 2021

This resource is concerned with Practical Evidence Gap #5 How do I engage with footfall in my town centre and how can I increase it?

This resource includes: 1) an introduction to footfall in town centres and high streets, and 2) responding to footfall changes.

It also offers best practice examples of how to improve town image and perceptions, as well as a series of practical action points.


Thank you to ATCM for knowledge and resources and for Gianluca Rizzo, Jennifer Dixon, Vaughan Allen and Jace Tyrrell for taking the time to provide commentary for our footfall review.