Greener Recovery: Delivering a sustainable recovery from COVID-19

This resource has been written by the Landscape Institute. This policy briefing explains the importance of green space and infrastructure, and how post Covid-19 development should support this. The aim is to guide policy makers and place managers in their transformation efforts as cities and towns are being re-develop in the aftermath of Covid-19.

Date added 2 October 2020
Last updated 2 October 2020

This report highlights that Covid-19, and the consequent lockdown and travel reductions, have had a positive impact on the environment. Cities and towns have witnessed cleaner air, cleaner water, and improved biodiversity. This policy briefing comes at a time when place managers are faced with the opportunity to build greener, and lead a sustainable economic recovery. Green space and infrastructure have multiple benefits, such as cooling effects for tackling climate change, reducing air pollution, and improving the health of citizens.

According to this resource, the economic recovery from COVID-19 should be delivered following 5 principles. These are:

  • Take a natural capital approach to new infrastructure and housing investment;
  • Invest in maintenance and renewal of existing places;
  • Set fairer standards for green space;
  • Invest in natural solutions to climate change; and
  • Invest in green skills, digital and data.

It also provides a series of recommendations for development for each of these principles.