Entertainment - 237 'Vital and Viable' Factors

As part of our series on vital and viable high streets, the High Streets Task Force is presenting 'evidence on a page' summaries of over 200 factors that influence the success of high streets. Here we address entertainment; entertainment refers to all the activities that can provide enjoyment and amusement to consumers in a centre. This includes venues where visitors spend time being entertained or pampered such as restaurants, bars, cinemas etc.

Date added 10 November 2021
Last updated 10 November 2021

Tenant mix is one of the most important factors contributing to attractiveness of the high street and this also includes venues for entertainment. Entertainment venues can help mediate a retail heavy offer and meet different needs of the visitors and thus increasing satisfaction and lengthening of shopping stays, ultimately leading to more money being spent (Kang and Kim, 1999).

Place managers can aim to attract a broader non-retail offer that includes facilities for entertainment and encourage later opening hours to boost the centre’s evening economy. This will compliment a more multifunctional high street that is not solely depended on retail. Vacant units could also be considered potential venues for entertainment to take place, potentially in terms of arts and recreation. The centre could also facilitate entertainment in form of events such as festivals and concerts etc. to increase the leisure offer. These types of entertainment can help generate value for the local community and enjoyment for both visitors and the catchment area.

Entertainment is one of 237 factors that have been identified as influencing the vitality and viability of the high street.

For more information and further reading, download the pdf 'evidence on a page'. The page contains information about this factors place within the 237 factors identified and: whether it is a component factor of one of 25 'vital and viable' priorities; how the factor scores in terms of influence, place management control, and priority.

To read more about vital and viable high streets, see www.highstreetstaskforce.org.uk/frameworks/25-vital-and-viable-priorities/