10-minute Talk: Prof. Keith Still on managing COVID-19 risks in places of public assembly

Author Keith Still

This 10-minute slidecast by Professor Keith Still, an expert in crowd sciences, explores the issues involved in understanding and managing the risks surrounding COVID-19 in places of public assembly, such as shops. He argues that understanding risks, innovation, and sharing knowledge are important in helping to break the chain of transmission.

Date added 17 August 2021
Last updated 17 August 2021

As some lockdown restrictions begin to ease in England, with some non-essential retailers and other places of public assembly set to soon re-open, it is important to consider the potential risks to people working and spending time in these places.

This 10-minute slidecast by Professor Keith Still - an expert in crowd sciences - explores the potential risks involved in people being in places of public assembly, or returning to those places that have been closed during the pandemic. As Keith argues, key to breaking the chain of transmission is understanding risks, innovating around these, and sharing insights.

The talk covers the following key topics to help with assessing and managing risks:

  • The three potential routes of transmission (person-to-person; person-to-fomites [surfaces]; and people through the point of sales).
  • Social distancing requirements in ‘static’ and ‘dynamic’ spaces.
  • The importance of bottom-up, localised approaches to understanding and managing risks.
  • Risk assessments, including a supermarket case study.
  • How you can assess capacity and space requirements to ensure safety and social distancing.

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