A time of unprecedented change in the transport system

This resource explains how the transport sector is changing rapidly, not only because of the changes in interaction between the physical and digital realms, but also because of concepts such as the sharing economy, vehicle electrification, etc. Therefore, governments are presented with an opportunity to change the way people get around, introducing a more sustainable transport system with benefits for society, the environment, and the economy.

Date added 11 January 2022
Last updated 11 January 2022

This resource presents transport as a key pillar in our society. It goes beyond mere travel to mean job and education opportunities, access to leisure, connecting people, etc. The transport system is changing, we travel less at an individual level, with a decrease in car ownership amongst young generations. However, mobility is a complex topic, as it changes considerably across areas in a city, based on different income groups, or age groups, etc.

This resource highlights that today we face a transport challenge: the need to reduce congestion and air pollution while offering improved connectivity between people and opportunities. This will involve social change and the adoption of new technologies, and data will play a key role. All of these require the right policy choices.

This report presents different scenarios to explain how different policy choices can impact different futures. These scenarios allow policymakers to see how their ideas and plans would play out.

Based on transport trends and the outcomes of each of the scenarios, this report identifies 10 priority areas for UK governments to consider.