Street Design for Age Friendly Neighbourhoods

This resource has been produced by Care & Repair England, an organisation aiming to improve the urban lifestyle of older people. This publication is concerned with age friendly street design and can be of interest to planners, policy-makers, activists, etc. involved in the redevelopment of streets and public spaces in towns and cities.

Date added 17 August 2021
Last updated 17 August 2021

This report considers factors influencing the suitability of public places for older people and highlights best practice in relation to age friendly streets and neighbourhoods. This publication discusses:

  • Lighting, that increases the sense of safety;
  • Pathways and paving, that are suitable for people with reduced mobility;
  • Crossings, that give adequate time to cross comfortably;
  • Accessibility, that will guarantee inclusivity of people in mobility scooters;
  • Seating, that provides opportunities to rest and socialise;
  • And signage; that helps people to navigate the urban environment and highlights where public amenities, such as toilets, are located.

This publication also contains links to additional resources in relation to factors that influence the suitability of age friendly street design.