Build Back Stronger

Author DEMOS

This DEMOS resource is based on the project titled ‘Renew Normal’, a national conversation, from April 2020 to February 2021 with experts and the public about how to build Britain back stronger after the Covid-19 crisis, focusing not only on economic aspects, but also on people and communities. It covers topics such as green space, employment, digital life, and inequality.

Date added 28 June 2021
Last updated 28 June 2021

*This resource is about building back better after Covid-19. It is not specifically about the High Street, but has been included in response to requests for more studies/information about this topic, as well as linking to recreational space and liveability priorities for High Street vitality and viability*

This report from DEMOS presents findings from the consultation efforts conducted with experts in different fields and of more than 50,000 citizens covering eight key topics regarding how we can 'build back stronger':

  • Key workers and low pay
  • Communities and volunteering
  • Remote working
  • Online life
  • Misinformation
  • Green spaces
  • Trade and economic resilience
  • Inequality

This report can be of interest for policy-makers and planners, as it concludes by offering policy recommendations based on the consultation efforts around these eight topics. These recommendations include, for example:

  • A new education and training offer for all low paid workers in relation to key workers and low pay.
  • Creating a new way of measuring social capital in relation to communities and volunteering.
  • Working together with the private sector and citizens to find ways to improve work flexibility in relation to remote working.
  • Investing in upskilling people who are digitally excluded in relation to online life and issues regarding misinformation.
  • Giving people more power for decision making in relation to where and how green spaces are created and maintained.
  • Engaging citizens in the future direction of UK trade policy in relation to trade and economic resilience.
  • And, putting strategies in place to improve the health and wellbeing of ethnic minority communities in relation to tackling inequality.

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