Case Study: COVID-19 Recovery Framework in Maldon

Author Tracy Farrell

Maldon High Street is adopting the COVID-19 Recovery Framework in order to guide its post-pandemic transformation. The goal is for a reduction in COVID-19 transmission rate locally, and an increase in number of pedestrians and cyclists. What this case study shows is how the town used the COVID-19 Recovery Framework to deliver a step change in cycling so that this becomes a principal mode of transport across the Town. Maldon’s ambition is to take cycling onto a par with Dutch towns by delivering a comprehensive integrated network between key destinations and where people live and access employment, and services. This will help ensure growth can be accommodated sustainably; with significant health and congestion benefits.

Date added 17 August 2021
Last updated 17 August 2021

During the recovery stage Maldon High Street low virus transmission rate, community safety and resilience, and increased health benefits from active travel. The key challenge is that Maldon does not go back into crisis stage. The goal is for a Reduction in COVID-19 transmission rate locally; increase in number of pedestrians and cyclists; and regular guidance documents and comms published. 

The goal for Maldon High Street is that residents and businesses will benefit from healthier and more prosperous streets, and that inequalities will be addressed.

Post-pandemic transformation will see an increase in the number of people shopping locally with less reliance on commercialisation and more on the experience and local produce. Healthier neighbourhoods where walking and cycling are inclusive. Increase in local cultural identity. A sustainable High Street supporting decarbonisation, clean air, economic and social equality. With a goal of community use of shared space prioritised, increased walking and cycling. Reduction in respiratory illnesses and related hospital admissions. 

Introducing the COVID-19 Recovery Framework to Maldon High Street

Very much a working document that will be added to, Maldon District Council is also developing a COVID-19 Recovery Framework, which has been designed by the High Street Task Force. The Framework is designed to help take the most effective action now, in the immediate crisis, and to build the capacity for recovery and longer-term transformation. The document is available to view at the link below.

Maldon DC v3 Detailed working document COVID-19 High Street Recovery Framework RHSS fund.pdf