Make your own Transformation Route Map

This diagnostic is intended to support the development of a local Transformation Route Map that is most suited to your town. It draws on the 4Rs framework of place renewal- Restructuring, Repositioning, Rebranding, and Reinventing - with four short diagnostic questionnaires to help you understand the priorities for your place, and how the 4R strategies should be used.

Date added 17 August 2021
Last updated 17 September 2021

Covid-19 has accelerated change on the high street. The steady loss of multiple retailers is set to continue at a faster pace as the pandemic impacts on business turnover, debts grow, footfall in many centres has significantly reduced, and spending has gone elsewhere or changed. You cannot stop this change at a local level, but past experience says that some places will take this as an opportunity to renew their high street whilst others will lack the capacity or foresight to respond or not be organized or focused enough to make an effective response.

So how does your town become somewhere that is ready, able and willing to respond?

Previous work by partners in the Task Force has identified four strategic approaches to renewal (the 4Rs). These provide a structure to help you navigate your route to transformation. The four approaches are:

  • Restructuring – putting in place the capacity, leadership and partnerships to deliver change and considering large-scale spatial change that will be needed to transform your town centre

  • Repositioning – knowing your town, using relevant data and information to develop a collaborative, inspiring vision that achieves change

  • Rebranding – establishing an identity and sense of place that can engender pride, commitment and attachment and making sure you communicate this across the whole community

  • Reinventing – activate and animate your town, diversify its attractions. Multifunctional places offer different things that draw in footfall and spend.

Although each of the four steps is important, as every place is different, some may be more significant for your location than others now or require greater effort to progress.

As a starting point to check which of the 4R strategies are most significant to your place, take time to answer the questions in the four sections of this diagnostic resource.