Place investment and engaging landlords

Guidance provided by the Task Force and one of its appointed Mentors, Neil Wild, on tackling the common challenge for place managers of developing information on local property owners and engaging landlords.

Date added 17 August 2021
Last updated 17 August 2021

High Streets Task Force Chair, Mark Robinson, provides a summary of the challenges and opportunities for investment in high streets across England, given the impact of COVID-19 and some of the structural dynamics of place management. You can view this short video below, which serves as a broader introduction to the download you can access above - a guide on engaging absent landlords and how to develop greater information on local property owners.

A common challenge for place managers can be tracking down property owners or getting responses from them on specific issues. A need has been identified for a national Landlords’ Register and Government is exploring a pilot for such a register.

In the meantime, there are several approaches that towns could take to address this challenge. In this short guide, we look at providing support and instructions to support landlord engagement that can be pursued locally.

This downloadable guide includes guidance on a range of approaches:

  • Engaging property owners and managers
  • Land Registry data
  • Companies House records
  • Planning records
  • Property Intelligence Companies