Nine ideas to inspire your sustainable place branding strategy

This resource is about integrating sustainability at the core of place branding. It can be of interest to policymakers, planners, practitioners, BIDs, civic voice groups, etc. who are involved in shaping the image and brand of a high street or town centre.

Date added 25 October 2021
Last updated 26 October 2021

This resource provides nine ideas to make place branding efforts align with the sustainability agenda. These are:

1. Having a holistic approach across social, environmental, and economic pillars, including the voices of stakeholders, and avoiding greenwashing.

2. Shifting the strategy to the ‘third-level’ and making it work towards improving the life of citizens, not just the environment.

3. Assessing impact at the local level and designing steps that cities can take locally. Although sustainability is a global issue, it is important to act locally.

4. Developing a horizontal strategy in a place's: policy, product, and promotion.

5. Incorporating actions into the masterplan rather than just focusing on communication efforts, as actions speak louder than words.

6. Showing strong leadership and involving the voices of citizens and local actors in finding sustainable solutions.

7. Thinking about the future impact of actions and involving indigenous communities in this task as they have a better understanding of human relationships with nature.

8. Helping businesses come up with sustainable products and services that can contribute to the overall centre image and brand.

9. Leveraging success to lead the conversations, setting out new ambitions and commitments.

This resource includes brief examples of how different cities worldwide have applied these ideas.