Car Parking - 237 'Vital and Viable' Factors

As part of our series on vital and viable high streets, the High Streets Task Force is presenting 'evidence on a page' summaries of over 200 factors that influence the success of high streets. Here we address car parking; the number or availability of parking spaces in the town centre, High Street, shopping centre, retail park, etc.

Date added 13 April 2021
Last updated 13 April 2021

Car parking is an important factor as congestion can lead to a decrease of accessibility for residents, employees, customers and visitors, and for service and delivery traffic (van der Waerden et al, 1998). Therefore, when considering the maintenance or improvement the accessibility of the urban retail areas, parking measures are central in the policy and planning for this. The provision of ‘easy’, ‘plenty’, and ‘inexpensive parking’ has been numerously mentioned by respondents as a factor for high street patronage (Bell, 1999), as well as giving the perception of better quality of service (DeNisco and Warnaby, 2013).

Car parking is one of 237 factors that have been identified as influencing the vitality and viability of the high street.

For more information and further reading, download the pdf 'evidence on a page'. The page contains information about this factors place within the 237 factors identified and: whether it is a component factor of one of 25 'vital and viable' priorities; how the factor scores in terms of influence, place management control, and priority.

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