I Live Here Too: Why young people want a stake in the future of their neighbourhood

This resource publishes findings from the 'I Live Here Too' project, commissioned by Grosvenor and conducted by consultancy Beatfreeks. The project focused on the role of young people in community consultation about the future of their neighbourhoods, and found that, whilst many young people would like to have more of a say in the future of their places, the majority have never been asked for their view on this. The research supports a free youth engagement toolkit, which can be drawn upon to engage more young people in shaping the future of high streets and town centres.

Date added 17 August 2021
Last updated 17 August 2021

‘I Live Here Too’ is a piece of research commissioned by Grosvenor Britain & Ireland to support the launch of 'Voice, Opportunity, Power', a free toolkit to enhance young people's participation in how places are made and managed. The research set out to gain a better understanding of young adults' views on activism, community engagement, and the opportunity to have a voice in the future of their neighbourhood.

Following a survey of over 500 young people (16 - 18 year olds) across the UK, the research found that 89% had never been asked their opinion about the future of their neighbourhood, and only 8% had taken part in a public consultation. This was despite 97% responding positively to the idea of contributing to these discussions.

For those that had engaged in these conversations, 46% said that they didn’t feel listened to and reported examples of experiences in which they felt the person conducting the interview wasn’t interested in their opinion. The study found that young adults felt most listened to when the people undertaking this process showed that they cared and respected their voices, and shared the results of how their thoughts and views had actively effected the outcome.

Although nearly a quarter of people in the UK are under 19, this study shows that they feel they have almost no influence in the planning or management of places.

The Voice, Opportunity, Power youth engagement toolkit can be found here.