Recovering together

This resource presents findings of a survey analysing public opinion in relation to the importance of nature during Coronavirus lockdowns in England, as well as in the recovery from Covid-19. It can be employed by place makers for evidence-based decision making in regards to nature and greenspace.

Date added 17 August 2021
Last updated 17 August 2021

This resource highlights that regardless of social class, income, and age, adults in England believe that nature has played a key role in their physical and mental wellbeing, and they also support investing in nature as part of our recovery from Covid-19. For example, this study finds that: 77% agreed that visiting nature has been important for their general health and happiness, and 81% agreed the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak has shown the importance of protecting and restoring nature, and 84% support the suggestion that the Government should increase the number of accessible nature-rich areas in the UK.

This study also highlights that lower income households are less likely to have a garden, and are also less likely to live in proximity to natural greenspace. Similarly, approximately half of respondents living in urban environments, report not having been able to access greenspace as much as they would have liked to during the pandemic.

These findings suggest that in transforming places in the recovery of Covid-19, the public is positive about strategies that improve the quality of, and access to, greenspace closer to people‚Äôs homes, and that efforts are especially needed in urban areas, as well as in lower income areas.