Developing a Shared Vision for your High Street

A focused, three-hour workshop to develop the groundwork for a collaborative and transformative vision for a town with the local authority and stakeholders.

This service is available to selected local authorities only.
For more information see 'How we help high streets'.


Overview - Developing a Shared Vision for your High Street

The visions for a town centre or other area is a key factor in improving the vitality and viability of a location. Often however, visions don't address the real needs of a place, can be too generic, not reflective of community interests and aspirations, or are either unrealistic or not ambitious enough.

Developing a Shared Vision for your High Street is a three-hour workshop offered by the High Streets Task Force to share ideas about a place, its vision development, and common goals that can change perceptions and attract local engagement and investment.

The workshop is delivered by a High Streets Task Force Expert with local authority lead members and officers, town centre stakeholders, community members and groups, local place partnerships, local traders and business, and anchor institutions.

  • Understand the importance of visions and the processes to create a vision

  • Gain wider engagement in the issues facing your high street and the need for change

  • Work towards agreement on common objectives and potential approaches

  • Receive a follow-up report to help design and achieve a vision, and to identify additional capacity available in wider local partnerships


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