Experts, Mentors and Facilitators

This service is available to selected local authorities only.
For more information see 'How we help high streets'.


Overview - Experts, Mentors and Facilitators

This expertise provided by our Register of Experts, Mentors and Facilitators was a recommendation of the High Street 2030 Review, which called for additional capacity to support local authorities in transforming their high streets. Experts, Mentors and Facilitators support high streets directly by providing a range of tailored expertise.

All Experts, Mentors and Facilitators have been recruited from one of four professional bodies - Design Council, Institute of Place Management, Landscape Institute, and Royal Town Planning Institute - and have evidenced significant experience working on high street and town centre issues. This provides the wide-ranging expertise needed to support the change from mono-functional spaces to multifunctional places. 


In addition to leading the 'Unlocking your Place Potential' Visits, Experts may be provided by the Task Force to local authorities to help solve specific, complex and interdisciplinary problems, if this is recommended as a result of the visit.

  • Up to three days of Task Force Expert time is available if expertise is prescribed during the ‘Unlocking your place potential’ diagnostic visit.

  • Task Force Experts will receive briefing materials relevant to the specific challenges or opportunities identified in your place, and will summarise their analysis and advice through a visit report delivered to the local authority.

  • High Street Task Force Experts may advise on a range of topics, including planning, urban design, placemaking, landscape architecture, resilience, transport, valuation, asset management, investment, governance, data and analytics, place management and leadership. 


High Streets Task Force Mentors have significant experience in inter-agency and cross-sector working, in a high street or place management context.

  • A Mentor may be assigned to local place leader or leadership group, where collaboration issues have been identified through the ‘Unlocking your Place Potential’ Visit.

  • The Mentors role is to work to inspire and support better partnership working, helping to build capacity for transformation through this collaboration.

  • The Mentor will broker up to three meetings with the local authority and important stakeholders, to develop a partnership agreement for joint working.

Other High Streets Task Force services may be prescribed to support the development of partnership working, alongside a Mentor, such as the Developing a Shared Vision for your High Street workshop.


High Streets Task Force Facilitators are experienced in assisting training and other similar support services, such as visioning workshops and placemaking programme. Facilitators work alongside Experts and Mentors to ensure that these services are delivered smoothly, including input from a range of stakeholders.


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