Footfall Dashboards

This service is available to selected local authorities only.
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Overview - Footfall Dashboards

The High Streets Task Force Dashboards are based on a successful prototype developed over the last few years with funding from InnovateUK. They are designed to help those engaged in place management to understand the performance of their town centre or high street.

Dashboards combine data on local footfall and social media to give a picture of trends over days, weeks, months and a calendar year. This data is presented through a number of interactive charts which can be used by place analysts to look for local trends and understand the performance of their high streets.

Two versions of the dashboard are available:

The Standard Dashboard

The Standard Dashboard is designed for locations that do not currently have footfall data.

This Dashboard uses a process to estimate local footfall based on the catchment population of the area. This can be further refined by engaging in a manual counting regime, at specific dates and times, to provide data which then 'calibrates' the local estimates, increasing the Dashboard's accuracy and identifying the likely 'signature' or pattern of footfall over time.

In addition to presenting data for use by place leaders and other stakeholders, 

The Advanced Dashboard

The Advanced Dashboard is available to any place management organisation in England that collects footfall data in a town centre or high street using Springboard's automated footfall counting technology.

This version of the Dashboard has the same functions at the Standard Dashboard but uses data from automated footfall counting, enabling place leaders to identify patterns and their town type, where it sits in the activity hierarchy, as well as a number of other functions, such as monitoring the daytime and nighttime economies.

Advanced Dashboards are provided to locations that agree to share this free access to three local stakeholder types: local government, a businesses, and a civic group.


Register your interest in a dashboard

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