Place Making Programme

Engaging up to 70 local stakeholders, the Place Making Programme helps build consensus about the challenges and opportunities for a location and sets out practical steps for future development.

This service is available to selected local authorities only.
For more information see 'How we help high streets'.


Overview - Place Making Programme

The Place Making Programme is open to a wide group of stakeholders in a town and is centred around a 3-hour workshop for up to 70 people. Using this approach of broad consultation and engagement, the Programme allows for constructive discussion of challenges and future plans for the local area, ensuring that all voices are heard.

The Programme:

  • Presents feedback from the Transforming Your High Street report, the Unlocking Your Place Potential visit, and additional desk research from the High Streets Task Force.

  • Allows local stakeholders to respond to these findings and expand on issues or solutions identified, in a structured setting.

  • Generates a report to help move things forward.

  • Encourages local communities to take ownership of their high street, agreeing priorities for action.

This type of programme has been well established and used in over 20 locations nationally by the Task Force Lead Partner, the Institute of Place Management, as well as during significant research projects on high street transformation.



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