Transforming your High Street Report

These reports provide independent feedback to local authorities on their expression of interest applications to the Future High Street Fund.

This service is available to selected local authorities only.
For more information see 'How we help high streets'.


Overview - Transforming your High Street Report

The High Streets Task Force is providing over 150 'Transforming your High Street' Reports to local authorities that submitted an expression of interest to round one of the Future High Streets Fund but were not invited to submit a full business case for funding.

The report reviews proposals in the context of local challenges, such as economic and social issues, to help places think about creating better visions and building more local capacity for collaborative working to help achieve these.

There are 4 main sections of this Report:

  • Baseline indicators
    Find out more about your high street or town centre in terms of various economic, social and other challenges. A set of baseline indicators to enable an understanding of national trends and assessment of the health of a specific high street, in relation to other high streets.

  • An independent review of plans for transformation
    Analysts with experience in place management and development assess the clarity of evidence presented, the quality of the local vision, and the capacity that exists for partnership working. Feedback is included as well as suggestions on how to strengthen the proposal.

  • Guidance on how the High Streets Task Force can help
    A catalogue of the services available online from the High Streets Task Force that could support your thinking.


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