Unlocking your Place Potential Visit

This service brings a Task Force Expert to your town, to work with local stakeholders. Together, you will identify the important issue(s) that are blocking transformation and how to build local capacity to tackle them.

This service is available to selected local authorities only.
For more information see 'How we help high streets'.


Overview - Unlocking your Place Potential Visit

The Unlocking your Place Potential Visit is the first step to accessing support for those locations selected to work directly with the High Streets Task Force. Its aim is to identify the key barriers to improvement of a town centre or high street and recommend a strategic response.

The Visit consists of:

  • A review of desk-based research into the performance and perceptions of your area.

  • A three-hour workshop led by a Task Force Expert, with key stakeholders invited from your area, including those from the local authority, Councillors, and civic and business leaders. This will present and examine your plans, challenges, and feedback, to identify next steps and additional support that may be beneficial from the High Streets Task Force.

  • A 45-minute town/city centre site tour with a High Streets Task Force Expert who will conduct a snapshot place analysis to complement the insight generated from the workshop.

  • A post-Visit report, produced by the High Streets Task Force Expert, which identifies key strengths and challenges, and provides a prescription of future support from the Task Force.


Delivery during COVID-19 restrictions

The High Streets Task Force is able to remotely deliver the elements described above, should local or national COVID-19 restrictions prevent an in-person visit and workshop.

This mode of delivery was tested during the Task Force pilot period to ensure that it provides value to selected locations.


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