Last updated: 10 October 2019

Support for high streets

The High Streets Task Force will provide advice, training and data to local leaders and stakeholders. As every high street is different, the Task Force assesses local need to offer targeted support to create successful, sustainable places.

How can you access support from the High Streets Task Force?

Place leaders, local authorities, organisations and stakeholders should register their interest with the High Streets Task Force.

Support is open to a wide range of people and organisations. The Task Force will work with people from Business Improvement Districts (BIDs), town centre partnerships, civic and resident associations, business associations, local authorities, combined authorities, Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs) and Government.

High Streets Task Force services will be based on the need and capacity of the organisation requesting assistance. Following initial engagement, we will identify the right Task Force intervention(s) needed to unlock the potential of that place and improve the capacity for place leadership and partnership working.

Although our full range of support services will not be available until July 2020, you can register to receive updates from the Task Force including opportunities to be involved with our work, and the progress of our pilot services.

What support services will be available?

The High Streets Task Force will offer support in three areas: expert advice; training and learning; and data and insights. You can read more information below about the planned services in each of these areas.

Expert Advice

Tailored expertise and support will be available to boost organisations’ capacity and ability to transform high streets. This includes:

  • Place reports, including action plans, tactical guidance and local collaboration opportunities;
  • Diagnostic visits to understand high streets and determine the expertise required to overcome obstacles and unlock potential;
  • A mentoring programme to boost place leadership skills and enable people to learn from place experts;
  • Workshops to develop a shared high street vision with the local authority and stakeholders across a community.

Training and Learning

Specialised training programmes will be available to a wide variety of place leaders. The learning will also be accessible in different formats, including face-to-face, in situ, seminars and online. This includes:

  • Online learning on how to regenerate your high street; Specialist webinars on placemaking;
  • A recognised place leadership training programme;
  • Face-to-face training sessions for place analysts;
  • A ‘Vitality & Viability’ training programme for entire high streets/town centres.

Data and Insights

The Task Force will provide the latest high street data and insight, to assess, diagnose, identify action and evaluate performance. This includes:

  • Dashboards to give local places visibility on relevant benchmark indicators, such as footfall and sentiment data;
  • Online toolkits and diagnostics to help determine strategies and priorities;
  • Best practice guides, including commissioned research;
  • An annual review of England’s high street and town centre performance.