Create a Transformation Routemap for your Town

Drawing on the principles of the Task Force webinar series, learn how to create a customised routemap for your high street or centre.

This webinar took place on 24 July. View the recording and related learning materials below.


This webinar and learning materials below help place leaders to bring together their own transformation routemap, and reflect on how to apply it in their own town or city centre.

The webinar covered:

  • How to make a customised version of the routemap for your town, based on all the principles you have heard in the webinar series - Prof Cathy Parker

  • Understand how the High Streets Task Force resources and products can support your transformation journey - Matthew Davis

  • Q & A with the Task Force team on using the routemap and related resources

Learning materials

Following the webinar, place leaders are directed to the following activity to support them in creating their own transformation routemap:

  1. Download the editable Transformation Routemap
    The first part of the route map summarises the journey from crisis to recovery, the second the path from recovery to transformation. Whereas the COVID-19 Recovery Framework explores what action needs to be taken at which stage - the route map focuses on the underlying principles of place adaptation - which are repositioning - the use of data, evidence and collaboration in the production of visions and plans; reinventing - putting plans into action and activating space; rebranding - effective two-way communication and changing perceptions; and restructuring - having the right governance and spatial frameworks.

    Download the Transformation Routemap

  2. Explore the range of supporting resources
    Over the six week webinar programme, the High Streets Task Force has highlighted a range of support and resources available online that can help place leaders to consider their own transformation routemap. This menu of support below contains all the relevant links to navigate quickly and choose those that are of interest and a priority.


    Diagnostic: capacity and structures for managing change (link)

    Restructuring your high street - E-Learn (link)

    Place capacity map (link)



    25 Vital and Viable Priorities - summary and E-Learn

    Deep dive - 25 priorities 'evidence on a page' (link)

    Exercise - Evaluate your local vision(s) (link)

    A Vision for High Street Regeneration (link)



    Express your interest in a Maybe* platform to track and engage on local social media (link)

    Exercise-conduct a place perceptions snapshot (link)


    Own the future - read the report from CLES on new local economies (link)

    Build Back Better - read the report from Bill Grimsey and team (link)

    Guide to tactical urbanism and temporary public realm changes (link)


Webinar recording and slides

  • Download the webinar presentation slides

  • Watch the recording below