Reinventing: making vital and viable multifunctional hubs (5/5)

Learning materials from webinar 5 in our Transformation Routemap series - providing advice and support on high street recovery and transformation.

This webinar took place on 17 July. View the recording and related learning materials below.


This fifth webinar in the Transformation Routemap series helps place leaders to consider the role of their local high street in a broader context, and looking at approaches to reinventing places with economic and social vitality.

The webinar covered:

  • Defining the end-goal...what do you want to achieve in your high street/town centre?

  • The role of the town centre/high street in wider economic, environmental and societal transformation

  • How to use the Transformation Routemap to plan your own journey from recovery to transformation

Learning materials

Following the webinar, place leaders are directed to the following activity to help consolidate this learning and consider the partnerships that exist in their town or cities that can enable this reinvention.

  1. Restructuring diagnostic: reflect on local groups that can build capacity (view here)
    Whether or not your high street can transform into the vital and viable heart of the community depends upon the capacity and structures there are for managing change in your town. This diagnostic explores both of these aspects and enables you to understand the local culture for change.

    Following the webinar, reflect on the groups in your town or city that you could engage with by completing this Task Force diagnostic survey - a series of questions which you can answer to help understand the culture and capacity in your town or city centre.

  2. Further reading: Own the Future - A Guide for New Local Economies (read now)
    This report by the Centre for Local Economic Strategies (CLES) provides a guide for people willing to rebuild local economies whether that be politicians, officers, community activists, interested citizens or all levels of UK local government. The document outlines how to start taking actions towards recovery and development of local economies and communities through collaborative approaches.

  3. Further reading: Turning the Tide - Seaside Regeneration Report 2020 (read now)
    We heard from James Child of the Estates Gazette in this webinar. This report, published by EG, considers the decline experienced in many English seaside towns since the 1970s. It discusses the deprivation felt in these seaside towns, proposes the need to upskill coastal communities, and suggests the opportunities for real estate investors to build new facilities in these towns as a means towards regeneration.


Webinar recording and slides

  • Download the webinar presentation slides

  • View the webinar recording below