Restructuring: building capacity, partnerships and assessing the need for spatial change (2/5)

Learning materials from webinar 2 in our Transformation Routemap series - on building capacity and partnerships for change.

This webinar took place on 26 June. View the recording and related learning materials below.


This second webinar in the Transformation Routemap series helps place leaders to consider the role of partnerships and capacity building for high street transformation. It will also incorporate guidance relevant for local authorities engaged in the Reopening High Streets Safely Fund, Future High Streets Fund and Towns Fund.

The webinar covered:

  • The role of effective partnerships with businesses and the wider community as the only way to build capacity for change

  • The importance of place management and coordination in the recovery and transformation processĀ 

  • Reflecting on the suitability of existing partnerships and governance arrangements in their location

Learning materials

Following the webinar, place leaders are directed to the following activities to support their local recovery and transformation.

  1. Consolidate the webinar learningĀ  by completing the 'Restructuring E-Learn'
    The 'Restructuring your high street' E-Learn is available to download and works through key elements of the restructuring strategy for high streets; focusing on a unified vision, partnership working and leadership. The interactive E-Learn will take you through what this process involves, and how you can apply it to your local area. Please note to download the slide deck and start it in presentation mode to move through and access all the interactive elements. (Access the E-Learn)

  2. Reflect on local groups that can build capacity
    As was discussed by the panel on this webinar, there are a range of local groups that are passionate about their high streets and can support activity in your town or city. From the council and local government, to businesses, community groups, young people, local services, BIDs, LEPs, and of course residents that care for their place and want to be involved. Following the webinar, reflect on the groups in your town or city that you could engage with.

    The Task Force has published a 'Restructuring Diagnostic' which can support you to understand your local capacity and structures and what the priorities are to enable change.

  3. Consider the structures that will allow you to engage local groups
    As Matt Colledge helpfully set out in his presentation about Altrincham Forward, there are a range of models, partnerships and ways to govern the collective of people that care about your place. From Town Centre Partnerships, to landlords registers and forums, retail forums, communications programmes, and groups for neighbourhood planning, community space, and development. Establishing the structures that will most effectively enable you to harness local groups is key to capitalising on capacity.


Webinar recording and slides

We will post a recording of the 2nd webinar in the Transformation Routemap webinar series shortly.

  • Download the webinar presentation slides

  • Watch the webinar recording below